Blog…..???? Not to sure.

“Should it stay or should it go”, that’s just one of many things On my mind to pop up. The last couple of weeks haven’t been to great, girls weren’t feeling good, an plus might have to move. I thought I did some great research before I started. I found it to be interesting, fun, and something this mama can do and have for myself, as well as sharing, helping, and reading. Even others blogs and posts, and mine cause this blog isn’t just somebody’s, it’s mine! That’s what I’m telling myself in my head. I just need to keep at it till I get good and figure out how everything works and I know what I’m doing. It will probably help if I put more time aside for my blog and I, at this point I’m not to sure or if I’m doing it wrong I don’t know. Any advice, anyone please. It could be just me!

That’s what I’m telling myself

First ever….

There’s a first for everything, in my head right, right someone once said to me growing up which it’s so true. I’m sure that ill be saying the same darn thing to my girls or not knowing I did already at least to one of them I’m sure. Its not like your telling or told something only once, “pick up your toys…., put your shoes where they belong….” yeah right ..!!! More like times 2 over here, lately we’re just constantly repeating our self mainly me. They might not realize that mama don’t mind repeating herself at times but when they ignore me and I know that they heard me, No no I can’t. Did she really just not hear what mama said,? I can’t with my girls, I’m going to believe for a minute that they’re playing with me. Motherhood is the best, life changing, most rewarding, and challenging, 24/7 job I love, who cares if you feel like your going crazy and losing your mind sometimes. At the end of the day you did it! I enjoy every minute of every day with my daughters. It first started with their dad, then two years goes by baby girl Riley, right after another baby girl Teigan. Them three changed my life forever oh an God too, I’m Beyond thankful. Till next blog post…